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PAMLA 115th Annual Conference, Honolulu, 10- 12 November 2017 Madeleine St. Marie (UC Riverside), ‘Unde Progressis Ad Rubiconem Ventum: Sidonius Apollin- aris and the Topography of Historical Memory. > here Association pour l’Antiquité Tardive, Clermont- Ferrand, 9-11 June 2017 < programme Patrice Montzamir, ‘Du nouveau sur l’épitaphe attribuée à Sidoine Apollinaire’ Annick Stoehr-Monjou, ‘L’épitaphe funéraire en l’honneur de Sidoine Apollinaire: à qui l’hommage est-il rendu?’. Centre of Classical Studies, University of Lissabon, 1-2 June 2017 > Late Antique Christian Poetry < programme Marco Onorato (Messina), ‘The poet and the light: Modulation and transposition of a Prudentian ekphrasis in two poems by Sidonius Apollinaris’. German Historical Institute, London, 6-8 April 2017 > Forced Movement in Late Antiquity: The Migration of Faith - Clerical Exile in Late Antiquity  < programme Michael Hanaghan (Cork), ‘Sidonius Apollinaris’ imprisonment as a case of epistolary revisionism’. Oxford University, 23-24 March 2017 > Voices in Late Latin Poetry < programme David Ungvary (Harvard), ‘Announcing renunciation: Sidonius Apollinaris and Horatian disavowal’ Michael Hanaghan (Cork), ‘Roma’s power and authority in Sidonius’ panegyrics (carm. 2, 5 and 7)’. Yale University, 23-26 March 2017 > Shifting Frontiers XII: The Fifth Century, Age of Transformation < programme Sara Fascione (Naples), ‘Othering in transition: Riothamus, rex Brittonum, in fifth-century Gaul’ Gavin Kelly (Edinburgh), ‘The nature of Sidonius’s letter collection’ Veronika Egetenmeyr (Kiel), ‘Barbarians transformed: The construction of identity in the Epistles of Sidonius Apollinaris’ Lucy Grig (Edinburgh), ‘Society, economy and cultural change in fifth-century Provence: a micro- regional approach’. University of Kiel, 23-25 November 2016 > The ‘Self’ and the ‘Other’ < programme Veronika Egetenmeyer (Kiel), ‘Defining the ‘Self’ and the ‘Other’ in Late Antique Epistolography in Gaul’ Sara Fascione (Naples), ‘The Geography of Otherness: Barbaries and Barbaricum in Sidonius Apollinaris’ Works’ Hendrik Hess (Bonn), ‘Alterity, Identity, Performativity: The Gallo-Roman Aristocracy in the Letters of Sidonius Apollinaris’. Bryn Mawr University, 21-22 October 2016 > Fourth ISLALS Conference < programme Alison John (Edinburgh), ‘A Dismissed Missive: Claudianus’ Epistula ad Sapaudum and Teaching Greek in Fifth-Century Gaul’. Michael Hanaghan (Cork), ‘Epistolary Closure in Sidonius Apollinaris’. University of Triest, 29-30 September 2016 > Il calamo della memoria VII < programme Luciana Furbetta, ‘Da Lucrezio a Sidonio Apollinare: esempi di intertestualità nei versi di Avito di Vienne’. Dutch Society for ‘Oudchristelijke Studiën’, Driebergen, 23-24 September 2016 > Tradities en Transformatie: Rituelen in het vroege christendom < flyer Joop van Waarden, ‘Het ontstaan van de Gallische Rogationes in cognitief perspectief’. University of Lyon 3, 4 July 2016 Jean Berger, soutenance de thèse ‘Droit, société et parenté en Auvergne médiévale (VIe-XIVe siècles). Les écritures de la basilique Saint-Julien de Brioude’. University of Latvia, Riga, 7-8 April 2016 Ekaterina Zakharova (St-Petersburg), ‘Amicitia in the Letters of Sidonius Apollinaris and in the Gallo- Roman Society of the 5th Century’. link University of Utrecht, UCMS, 24 February 2016 Marcelo Cândido da Silva (São Paulo), ‘Public Agents and the Famine in Fifth- and Sixth-Century Gaul and Italy’. link University of Naples, Assoc. Stud. Tardoant., 23 February 2016 Marco Onorato, ‘Preziosismo lessicale e impianto analitico nei Carmi di Sidonio Apollinare’. link
Veronika Egetenmeyr                                  University of Kiel, Dept of Ancient History, graduate school ‘Human Development in Landscape’ Supervisor: Prof. Josef Wiesehöfer Duration: - 2018 Title: ‘Imago Aliorum: The Construction of “Otherness” in the Epistolography of Fifth-Century Gaul’ Email - Homepage - Information - Academia   Sara Fascione                                              University of Naples ‘Federico II’, Dept of Humanities Supervisor: Prof. Marisa Squillante Duration: - 2017 Title: ‘I barbari nelle Epistole di Sidonio Apollinare’ Email - Information          Hendrik Hess                                                     University of Bonn, Dept of Medieval History Supervisor: Prof. Matthias Becher Duration: - 2016 Title: ‘Die römische Oberschicht in Gallien zwischen Imperium und Barbarenreichen im Spiegel der Personennamen’ Email - Information Lucie Desbrosses                                         Université de Franche-Comté, LETS Besançon (ISTA) Supervisor: Prof. Stéphane Ratti Duration: - 2017 Title: ‘Sidoine Apollinaire et la Gaule chrétienne au Ve siècle’ Email - LinkedIn - Information Alison John                                                University of Edinburgh, School of History, Classics and Archaeology Supervisor: Prof. Gavin Kelly Duration: - 2018 Title: ‘Secular Education in Fifth-Century Gaul’ Email
Current PhD Projects
Writing to Survive, Volume 2, Published
Luciana Furbetta presents the first-time examination of ms. Paris, IRHT, Collection privée, CP 347 (ex-Schøyen ms. 246), which also contains Sidonius’ epitaph, with some important deviations from the text known so far (in Euphrosyne 2015, see Recent 2015). 12 January 2016
News About Sidonius’ Epitaph
Ricimer in the Panegyric on Anthemius
Francesco Montone analyzes Ricimer’s role in the Panegyric on Anthemius in the latest issue of Salternum. see Recent 2015 10 March 2016
Sigrid Mratschek has contributed the chapter on Sidonius’ letters to C. Sogno et al. (eds), Late Antique Letter Collections, adopting the ‘Horatian rules' of Ars 21-23 as a poetic program for his letter collection. see Recent 2016 10 March 2016
Mratschek on Sidonius’ Letters
Gaul’s Laity Brought to Life
Lisa Bailey, The Religious Worlds of the Laity in Late Antique Gaul, establishes the laity’s voice. see Recent 2016 28 March 2016
Mascoli Translates Selected Letters
Patrizia Mascoli has published a translation of twenty-six of Sidonius’ letters to friends. see Recent 2016 28 March 2016
Epistulae 3 Commented Upon
Filomena Giannotti has written a commentary on Sidonius’ third book of letters, entitled Sperare meliora. see Recent 2016 28 March 2016
Variety in Carm. 11 and 23
Marco Onorato published two articles in BStudLat  on the function of variety, in Carm. 11 and 23 respectively. see Recent 2016 28 May 2016
Lynton Boshoff has written on the ‘Regina Orientis’ in Carmen 2, in an edited volume addressing the concept of cities and peripheries: From Constantinople to the Frontier. see Recent 2016 4 June 2016
Looking Eastwards
Paul Barnaby and Gavin Kelly inaugurate  the Sidonius in Antiquity and Modernity’ blog -- one with an essay on Sidonius in a short story by the Scottish author John Buchan, the other by pointing out how the war influenced André Loyen’s otherwise detached scholarly attitude. 29 June 2016 Joop van Waarden, ‘Sidonius Edifies German Nuns’, on the occasion of Sidonius’ saints day. 23 August 2016
Latest Output
Sidonius Blog Inaugurated
Some brand-new publications include: - Jeanne Dion on re-writing, from Aratus to Sidonius; - Carlo Ferrari on the Huns in Carm. 2; - Emmanuelle Raga on hospitality in Cassian and Sidonius. 20 June 2016
Ancient Letter Collections Project
A project at Manchester on Ancient Letter Collections, co-ordinated by Roy Gibson and Andrew Morrison, aims to establish the study of ancient letter collections as a discrete and unified field. Read here 17 September 2016
At the University of Bonn, the project ‘Gaul between imperium and regna’ (Matthias Becher and Hendrik Hess) is to integrate readings of the correspondences of Sidonius Apollinaris, Ruricius, and Avitus. Read here 17 September 2016
Gaul between imperium and regna
Hanaghan on Avitus
Michael Hanaghan has written an article about Sidonius’ characterisation of Avitus. see Recent  2016 1 September 2016
In the latest issue of Philologus, Aaron Pelttari writes about Sidonius ignoring Horace’s advice of artistic unity, but claiming the opposite. see Recent 2016 1 September 2016
Sidonius and Horace
Recent Additions
Recent additions to the bibliography include: - Emmanuel Grélois on the territory of Clermont- Ferrand - Eduard Manukyan on Lupus in Sidonius' correspondence - Andrey Pikin & Eduard Manukyan on the peace negotiations of 474-75 - Stefania Pietrini on the trial of Arvandus - Marisa Squillante on the word superstitio in Letter 8.6. 1 September 2016
Luciana Furbetta, in ‘Gioco letterario e realtà’, defines Sidonius’ letter collection as a fusion of literary make-up for the incrowd and a political instrument. In ‘Tracce di Ausonio’, she traces Ausonius in Sidonius’ correspondence. see Recent 2016 9 December 2016
Whether Politics or Ausonius
A brand-new monograph investigates Sidonius’ poetic technique: Marco Onorato, Il castone e la gemma: Sulla tecnica poetica di Sidonio Apollinare. Read on here: 20 December 2016
Sidonius’ Poetic Technique
Letters Book 6 Translated
Francesco Montone has translated the letters of Book 6 into Italian as part of an article on this Book. See Bibliography Recent 2016 20 December 2016
To showcase To showcase
Latest in Lexis
Sidonius and Divination
Dominique Briquel writes on divination in Sidonius in a volume on reminiscences of the Etrusca disciplina in the fifth century. See Bibliography Recent 2016. 1 February 2017
The latest issue of Lexis (#34, 2016) features articles by Alessandro Franzoi on vicus Helena in Carm. 5, and by Stefania Santelia on Sidonius’ stance in the debate on education in Carm. 23. See Bibliography Recent 2016. 31 January 2017
Fruit of the SAxxi project, Joop van Waarden’s second volume of commentary on Book 7 of the correspondence, Writing to Survive, has come out. Read on here. 24 February 2017
Ragnahild’s Bowl
On Queen Ragnahild’s bowl, text and image: Sean Leatherbury, ‘Writing (and Reading) Silver with Sidonius’. See Recent 2017. 16 March 2017
Étienne Wolff writes on Sidonius as a traveller in the latest instalment of Antiquité Tardive. See Recent 2016.  18 March 2017
Sidonius Traveller
This volume of commissioned essays, edited by Jaś Elsner and Jesús Hernández Lobato, ‘offers, for the first time, a comprehensive account of the formal, aesthetic, and religious transformations of ancient poetics in Late Antiquity’. See Recent 2017. 24 March 2017
Recent Work
- Marco Onorato reconsiders Carm. 37 in BSL. See Bibliography Recent 2017. - Michael Hanaghan investigates ‘Micro Allusions to Pliny and Virgil in Sidonius’s Programmatic Epistles’. Look here 31 March 2017
The Poetics of Late Latin Literature
Embedded Poems
Margot Neger (Salzburg) has started a project entitled ‘Embedded Poems in Ancient Prose Letters’. Read a short description or ask for information. 1 April 2017

Helen Kaufmann (Oxford) has established the Late Latin Poetry Network website, which encourages contact between researchers in the field and lists current projects and events. For information and registration, click here. 1 June 2017
Late Latin Poetry Network